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How to Needle Sculpt a Nose
Tutorial submitted byTracy(Cedara)Dunn
Posted by cindyshomespun
Posted 01-06-2009

You want to lightly draw out the shape of the nose you want your doll to end up with. (Doesn't have to be drawn this dark onto your fabric....just made an easy picture to take.)

Take your long doll needle. Thread it with strong quilting thread or I like to use upholstery thread. Poke the tip thru the top section of the dolls head. Down towards the top of the drawn nose. Come out at the top section.

Go right BELOW that spot and push the needle UNDER the fabric and over to the other side of the nose. Try to "scoop" down under the fabric as when you come out the other side.....the stuffing that you have "scooped" is what will give you the raised sculpted look in the end. Pull tightly on your thread.

Repeat this process except going in the other direction now.
Where your needle came out....go right below that and UNDER the fabric and back out the other side.
Try to keep your stitches nice and even in size.

Repeat these steps going all the way down the bridge of the drawn nose.
Pull tightly on the thread with each stitch as helps gather the fabric for the sculpted look.

When you come to the first nostril..... take the needle at the top and go UNDER the fabric and poke it out at the tip of the bottom of the nose.

Continue stitching the nostril just like you did coming down the bridge of the nose. Small even stitches.

When you reach the desires size of the nostril..... you place the needle back in UNDER the fabric and poke back thru on the opposite nostril at the top.

Stitch this nostril in the same was as the other and the bridge of the nose. Small even stitches. "Scooping" the stuffing from under the fabric as you go.

When you have stitched the full shape of the then poke your needle in UNDER the fabric again and come back out the TOP of the dolls head. Tie the thread off.

You have now needle sculpted a nose!

With practice.....your needle scupted noses will get better. Your stitches will be tight and small. Play around with different shapes and sizes.

Tutorial submitted by Cedara of
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Viewing first 3 comments out of 13 [read all comments]

by Angelmuffies on 01-15-2009, 03:41 PM
Re: How to Needle Sculpt a Nose

Thank you so much! I was in the middle of a project and this is just what I needed!
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by Primitivechild on 02-05-2009, 07:43 PM
Re: How to Needle Sculpt a Nose

Thank you, so much for this helpful tutorial !
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by CountrySignMakerTammy on 02-05-2009, 08:59 PM
Re: How to Needle Sculpt a Nose

I've really been wanting to try some dolls and I love the stitched noses..... This was very informative with excellent pictures and seems easy enough to try!
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by Cedara on 02-05-2009, 09:24 PM
Re: How to Needle Sculpt a Nose

It just takes a bit of practice and you will do awesome!
I keep a "trial" round stuffed head for stitching/painting techiniques.
Looks like Frankensteins monster heehee

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Viewing first 3 comments out of 13 [read all comments]

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