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Hand Drawn Eyes
Tutorial submitted by Tracy(Cedara)Dunn
Posted by cindyshomespun
Posted 01-06-2009
First you have to draw out the eye shape.
This takes practice to get the right angle and size.
Play around with it on paper until you are comfortable with sketching an eye.
You need an OVAL .... that is the white of the eye.
Then a smaller CIRCLE placed inside.....that becomes the colored part of the eye.
Then off center you will then place another smaller circle which is the pupil.

I find that the white of the eye just never shows up bright enough by just using pencil crayons. So I take a small amount of white paint and paint the whites of the eye.

I also then take a dry brush effect with the white paint and paint where you are going to give the eye color. This gives something for the pencil crayon color to adhere to next. Let paint dry.

Figure out what color eye you wish your creation to end up with. I chose to have brown eyes. I then pick out 3 different shades of brown pencil crayons.
A light...... a medium.....and a dark brown.

Start with your light brown and color in the circle.
Once the circle is colored in....use the medium brown and give some shading to the circle. I tend to always shade on the left hand side of the circle and in the shape of a half moon.
Play around with this effect and you will get the feel for it.
Take your darkest brown and do the same effect of the half moon.

Once you have the desired depth of the eye color....... take your black pencil crayon and draw the pupil. I tend to place the pupil slightly off center.
Go over this small circle until its dark black.
You can take some black paint and dip the end of your paintbrush as well.
Dab that to make your pupil.
If you paint the pupil..... let fully dry and then dab a small dot of white paint to act as highlight.

You now know how to hand draw eyes on your creations!

Tutorial submitted by Cedara of
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by acrowesgathering on 04-01-2009, 02:43 PM
Re: Hand Drawn Eyes

Fantastic Tutorial, your eyes are just awesome, will still need some practice but thanks for the help...Pam..ACG
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by Brownie4 on 04-08-2010, 08:19 AM
Re: Hand Drawn Eyes

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