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Cedara's Grungy Spice Recipe
Posted by cindyshomespun
Posted 01-06-2009

I take my large plastic bowl and place 4-5 cups BOILING WATER.
The water has to be VERY HOT to make this mixture work well.

I then add 1 cup instant coffee to the water and mix with my wooden spoon.
Then I add the following spices to the mix:

3 heaping tsp of ground cinnamon
2 heaping tsp of ground nutmeg
1 heaping tsp of ground ginger
about 10 cloves.

Stir and MIX WELL.
This will create a "grainy sludge" in the bottom of the bowl.
That is what will give you the more extreme primitive effect on your creations.

I take a sponge paintbrush and apply. As it drys.....the spices will remain "on top" of the fabric and dry. You can leave as is.....or you can rub it with your hand to give it an even more extreme effect to your creations.


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